GooseChase in the Classroom


It’s literally a wild “GooseChase” in the classroom! QR Codes are AMAZING!

Minus the fact that Medicine Hat College did not have many QR Codes I think the idea of QR Scavenger Hunts is amazing! GooseChase is an interactive QR Code reader that can create scavenger hunts for your students. Prior to this class, I thought QR codes were lame- No one has used QR codes since Blackberry BBM days! However, I never thought of the benefits of being able to use them in the class. Not only can QR codes link students to answer sheets after an assignment, they can link right to a website, or a YouTube link! QR Codes are convenient, free and easy to set up!

There is only one pitfall to QR Codes and that is the technology needed to access them! However, if your class has a classroom set of iPad’s then you are set! I love scavenger hunts so I can definitely see myself using GooseChase in my classroom. It gets the students excited, moving, interactive and involved! There are endless possibilities with QR Codes that I would have never thought of if it wasn’t brought up in this class! Check out my  Pinterest Account for some QR ideas I can’t wait to try!  


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