Deep Reflection


Hi Y’all!

Today I want to discuss my experience in the Education Technology class- What I have learned, my opinion towards it and the challenges I have learned and overcame with regards to technology.

I learned so much over the course of the semester. I was an avid PowerPoint user before this class, but I loved playing around and getting to know SMART Notebook. I believe it has many benefits that PowerPoint does not allow. As a future teacher, and as a student I know SMART will be a software I will use in my classroom, and I was glad we got to play around and get to know it, plus we got marks for it, so that makes it even better! SMART provides a highly interactive presentation that allows the students to watch and participate in fun activities within the presentation. Although this software takes time to create AMAZING presentations, the benefits students can gain if you create a highly engaging and involved presentation are endless.

I am a very creative person and I take great pride in this trait of mine. My favorite assignment in the class was creating the iMovie. It was super fun, and I instantly had an idea, and got to watch the idea come to life as we created it. I would have never thought it was so easy, if I had not done this assignment. ALTHOUGH, iMovie brought a lot of frustration out. The convenience of doing this on an iPad is great- AS LONG as you own your own iPad. For someone like me, I did not own an iPad so I had to download the software onto my phone and put all the videos on my phone. My phone did not have the memory for this so I had to delete every app and every picture. This is something to remember if I want to welcome it into my class. Ensuring my class has full access to iPads and that we have the software. I may have gotten upset with the resources available to me to make my video, but overall I believe this is a super fun and valuable way for students to present information- especially if they are shy when it comes to presentations in front of the class.

We created interactive quizzes which is a very convenient way for teachers to test their students knowledge without having to grade thirty individual quizzes. Some of the websites allow results to be anonymous, while others allow the teacher to know the responses specifically. Teachers can reflect on these answers, answer back to the students and clarify where the students are struggling immediately. The only downside to this, is each student has to have a device to answer, but most schools now provide class sets of either Chrome books or iPads.

We looked into apps that are available for students to help them learn. These apps are great, although I do not think I will use many of them in my class. I do not want to support excessive screen time in my classroom, but it is valuable to know that students are able to self-guide themselves on a topic they are struggling with. One app that I loved was Powtoons. I believe the provide benefits but are too complicated to use in the classroom. With more time to experiment with them my answer may change though.

Being able to use Pinterest and Twitter and get grades for it was without a doubt, the best part of the class. I previously discussed Twitter and my relationship, and it was cool to see all Twitter has to offer. It’s not all about spamming celebrities… I am a current and avid Pinterest’er so I found great joy in spending hours on Pinterest looking up more and more classroom ideas. The Pins would bring so much excitement, and I do not have a practicum this entire year so this allowed me to still feel engaged in the Education Program.

I know that technology is taking over education and it is very big in this upcoming generation. It excites me, yet it scares me. There is so much one can do with education but there are also lots of “strings attached” with technology as we learned in the Digital Citizenship week. I believe as I am working in my classroom with the students I will begin to realize the importance of what we learned in this class and the relevance when I begin to physically use what we have learned. I have never feared technology on a personal level, but I fear it is all students go home to therefore I am not sure if I want to engage activities promoting it in my classroom. There is still time for me to decide this, but I am now walking away from this class with a new perspective regarding technology in the class.

That’s all for now… I can see myself using this blog in the future though so beware!

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