Does my NAME Reflect Myself Professionally?


Does my name reflect me as a professional? Since I was in high school, I am very proud of myself, what I represent and my accomplishments. I believe looking back there were moments where I did not portray myself in a respectable matter on Facebook throughout middle school and early high school, often speaking my unfiltered mind… The cool thing when Facebook was first released was to tell the world every single thing going on… Or else that is what all my peers in seventh grade did. The other thing I am not proud of, but I am also not ashamed of, was the major fan girl I was in middle and high school. I have a personal Twitter account, and the little girl in me does not want to delete it because there are three celebrities I managed to get to follow me and I really do not want to let that go.

This sounds ridiculous- I will admit it, but it is hard to let go of something that meant so much to sixteen year old Shae. I often look back at my personal Twitter and laugh at my old self. On my birthdays, I would spam newsfeeds with “@Justinbieber i’s my birthday! Please wish me a happy birthday” and I still do try on my birthday’s. It is something that I dream of- having a celebrity wish me a Happy Birthday. NOW- looking at this in a professional matter, I do agree that it does not look professional, and I understand it makes me look slightly less mature, but there are still two more years left until I get my degree to let that inner fan-girl teenage Shae go. 

Now, walking into grade eleven, I was a new student in my school. I moved to Medicine Hat from Red Deer, and it was time to grow up a little. I got very involved with leadership, and walked away from grade twelve with a Class-voted Citizenship Award, a Kinette Club Bursary, a Citizenship, Leadership and Volunteerism Award from Kinsmen and my prized possesion: The Alberta Premier’s Citizenship Award. By the end of grade twelve, I volunteered a lot, was the Co-President of KEY Club, SADD and Student Council, I MC’ed two pep rallies, and hosted and MC’ed two Horizon Leadership Conferences, and I did the Toast to Teachers at my graduation. I wanted my name to be remembered- for my passion in changing lives. 

I slowed down my Facebook status’ in grade twelve, only posting the relevant stuff. For the last three years, I seldom make Facebook status’ and when I do, they are “Updates to Friends and Family” on what’s been going on. I have used Facebook and Instagram to brand my Creativity in Action name. I love being creative, and I have many hands-on passions. Creativity in Action shows my work- whether that is photography, DIY’s, signs, or baking, I include it all! 

When you search Shae Fedorak on Google- there is nothing I am entirely embarrassed about. I have never been into partying, and when I do make appearances at functions, I am not one to drink. I have censored what is on my Facebook profile for about four years now, because I have always known the impact Facebook makes on employers. I am proud of my name, what I represent and who I am. I would be delighted for someone to search my name prior to hiring me because I am proud, and passionate about all I do and all I represent. 


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