Is it TRULY Reliable?


There was a task presented in my Educational Technology today, that enlightened me on trusting all sites. We were to complete a Information Quiz in groups of two, and the first team wins. We are all competitive college students, therefore we trusted the websites our professor Cammie placed in the quiz.

We raced to complete the quiz, so fast we did not realize what we were actually entering. The truth is, Cammie entered websites that were inaccurate and filled with false information. We are educated students at a college level- now how does this make me feel about when a fifth grader types in “Facts on Mankato” and someone else that students age had created what they thought was a well researched website, but in reality, the sources they used were not trustworthy and this imposed on the accuracy of that website.

It is a big circle that you do not want to get caught up in. It is very important to check the accuracy behind anything you are researching. Does that information make sense? Does the website look accountable? ALSO check out at least two websites to ensure the validity! 

I think it is important to teach your students the importance of accuracy with regards to research. Students need to be shown an example like Cammie demonstrated to us, who are college students, to dig deeper beyond the website. This experience was very eye opening, and I know in my future classroom I will ensure my students know to double check everything before using and trusting a source. 


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