Community of Medicine Hat

From my Heart

Hello! Today I want to bring up the idea of community, but more importantly Medicine Hat as a community.

For my GNED 234 Communities and Societies class, we were presented with an presentation assignment and I wanted to dig deeper than the class requirements. I shared my idea with my peer Jonathan who is my frequent partner on assignments then we approached our professor, Dr Navneet Kumar.

The assignment wanted us to focus on the readings we read in the course, but Jonathan and I felt a passion in reaching out to the community, and bringing light to all the inspirational individuals throughout OUR community.

We met with our Mayor Ted Clugston, the Medicine Hat Police Chief Andy McGrogan, Principal of Crescent Heights High School Mr. Pat Grisonich, our direct representative for the Alberta Teachers Association representing South Eastern Alberta Heather McCaig, French Immersion teacher Michel Farmer, an active teenage volunteer in our community Azeez, the Recruiter for Medicine Hat College Allan Siwela, the Dean of Education at MHC Terry Chapman and Exchange student from Brazil and Rattler Allstar Gui Fuck. We still have three interviews to conduct: One at the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter, one with the Fire Chief Brian Stauth, and one with the very active and former SD76 Superintendent  Dr. Ken Sauer.

Medicine Hat is an AMAZING community. Not only is this community safe, the people are amazing on many levels. It is so rare for me, to not know someone and I have only lived here for four and a half years! The city is active, friendly and it is a city with a small town vibe.

Moving to Medicine Hat was the best decision my Mom could have ever made for me. The opportunities that have been provided for me are endless and the people are great. I cannot say that enough!

This assignment has not only allowed my eyes to open up more on the awesome people in this city, but it has provided me with an entire new outlook on our community! These inspirational people have motivated me to want to become more like them and I am so excited for what the future has in store! I was once very involved with leadership, student council, and volunteerism. I cannot wait to get back and give back in our valuable community!