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One part of being a teacher that is not included in the job description is keeping up to date with the excitements through many forms of electronics. Blogs can keep a teacher informed about teacher trends, but teachers should also keep up to date with what is trending in their student’s lives. This can include memes, new movies, new video games, Snapchat, the list continues. I had a previous mentor who is a new teacher that was named in the Medicine Hat Public School Board as “New Teacher of the Year” award for the 2014 school year. Cassie told me that the most crucial thing to being a teacher, is knowing what is trending in your students’ lives. Whether that be playing “Pokémon go” to understand the concept of the game- this understanding helps you connect with your students on a whole new level, Cassie advised.


Why am I talking about this? I recently read a fascinating blog named Learn Lead Grow and within the blog, Matt Bergman wrote a blog called “6 ways to Learn through Memes”, . Every student has seen meme’s whether they are at home searching the internet, at a store and they see one on a sign, or even through their peers showing them. Students are fascinated by this trend, so why not interest my students by using a meme to grab my students’ attention in the middle of a not-so fascinating lesson. In this blog, Matt explains the simplicity of this easy and fun method for you to use memes in your classroom. Definitions can be placed on the memes, or why not use class rules, summarize a lesson plan on the meme, use a meme in your lesson to grab the students attention and likely cause a laugh. Students can even create their own meme, Matt suggests, partnering two students to create a question and answer meme, welcome a fun way to get students involved in partner work and lesson reflection. The final suggestion Matt implies for any teacher willing to involve meme’s into their lessons, is for self-reflection. Students will can reflect on their understanding in a fun and personalized matter. Welcoming meme’s or any “trend” in your lessons not only grab your student’s attention, but they also create a more enjoyable lesson for the students. Matt’s blog incorporates a variety of ways to welcome technology in your classroom. I was not anticipating a blog called Learn Lead Grow to focus on technology in the classroom, however as I have scrolled through the different topics Matt has discussed, I am fascinated in his teaching ideas and blogs.


The next captivating blog I stumbled across during my search is called  Dear Teacher, Love Teacher  . Although I could not find the bloggers name, I love everything this blogger has to say. Dear Teacher, Love Teacher focuses on the positives through it all, it is a blog written to the teacher, from the teacher.  Filled with encouragement and love, Dear Teacher, Love Teacher, motivates teachers to keep going even though times can get difficult. The blogs purpose is to serve as a “to my future self” type of letter, just filling the future self with knowledge of remembering to live today as a better day then yesterday and that you are amazing, even when you are scared, DTLT emphasizes that you have the power to move lives. Dear Teacher, Love Teacher is not only motivating but is exciting and it is awesome to know that there is always a teacher there to support you. Whether that teacher is a blogger from somewhere hours away, or they are in the same school as you, never quit dreaming and remember that your today will be the best day.


Coach in and out grabbed my attention because of the name. I was intrigued because it is true that we need to coach our students in the classroom and out of the classroom: this led me to want to dig deeper and explore this blog and some of the categories Dr. Christopher McGee talks about within the blog. Dr. McGee focuses on topics such as friendships, peer interactions at school, the truth behind silence, and truths beyond your job description and why false justifications will not go unnoticed. Dr. McGee incorporates a lot of statistics and additional resources within his blogs to show his readers real numbers and information. This shows that he is not just talking about random facts, rather that he has thoroughly researched these topics and can justify his blog entries. I believe this blog can be an excellent resource for beginner teachers because Dr. McGee discusses many topics that teachers should be aware of.


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