Express your Thoughts Visually



Entering this assignment I was unsure if I would enjoy it. I am a very creative person, although I do not enjoy showing my creativity through electronic forms. I searched through many of the apps to see which app I would like, but none of them stood out to me. PowToon was not my first choice, mainly because I had heard of it before and I wanted to try something new. However, I had never used PowToon, I have seen many people use it before. After searching to find a “create your own storybook” app and failing, I decided I would give PowToon a try.

I am very surprised with the app. Not only did it provide you with a guideline, it did not restrict you from changing anything. It encouraged me to follow the regular steps of writing a story, knowing this there is a possibility of using this app in my class when I want students to write a story. Not only did I write a little ” Welcome to my Classroom! ” story, but it presented it in a video format, and what student doesn’t love videos!

The only real drawbacks I saw within the program are the free version does not offer as much as the paid version, which is a given. The free version did provide a lot of fun characters, but if you wanted more options you would have to pay. The logo also will always show on the free version which is not a problem. This program is time consuming if you want to personalize your story in any ways. The creator has the ability to change characters and their movements, fonts, colors, backgrounds and add props. I think this class would be excellent if students were to write a story. I think I would want to use this app on the first or second day of school to have the students create a “Hello, my name is” video. Within the video, I would have students answer certain questions like “What did you do this summer?” “What are some fun facts about you?” “Is there anything I need to know about you?” “Extra random facts such as your hobbies, favorite subject, etc” and “Set a goal for yourself for this school year”.

PowToon was great and I can see certainly myself using this app in my classroom!